How our team works

“It’s not just an ordinary job. We at the GLC put our hearts and souls into our work and each other.” - Sam Hann ’21

GLC Mentor work chart

The Leadership Mentor role is best described as a part-time para-professional commitment. While most Leadership Mentors work an average of 10 hours each week, some roles and events require more time.

Group work and collaboration are at the heart of how we enact our mission. Some examples of meetings that Leadership Mentors actively engage include:

Weekly team meetings: We could not do all the work that we do without the support of all our Leadership Mentors. While we have certain LMs planning events, the execution of events and facilitation require everyone on our team. These larger team meetings allow us to communicate between different project teams, it opens space for LM training and development, and it is a time and space for larger team bonding.

Project Group Meetings: These are scheduled times with a given project team. This helps orient the week-to-week work. During these meetings we discuss roles, group dynamics, projects goals, tasks, etc. Project team descriptions.

One-on-Ones: Every member of the team has the opportunity to regularly meet with one of the GLC directors. This time is customized for each individual and is used to coach every member of the team in their personal leadership development. Moreover, the project leads of the different teams meet with one of the directors for project advisement. Topics may vary from the goals and objectives of the project, budgeting, marketing and communications etc.