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The Gettysburg College Leadership Certificate is a one-year program that pairs leadership coaches with students interested in exploring and connecting campus involvement to meaningful career skills. The Garthwait Leadership Center serves as the hub for this unparalleled leadership development opportunity.

REGISTER HERE by Monday, September 19, 2016.


Leadership Certificate


  • Self-Assessment: Complete the Student Leadership Practices Inventory, an evidence-based 360 degree leadership measurement tool designed to measure the frequency with which you engage in effective behaviors. 
  • Foundation Sessions: Attend engaging lectures and interactive workshops that cover the most important knowledge and skills to prepare you for your leadership journey. 
  • Practical Experience: Apply one of more than 1,000 leadership opportunities on campus for personal and professional exploration. 
  • Portfolio: Collect and reflect on your leadership growth throughout the year with this interactive tool. Once complete, your portfolio will serve as a guide to building your career plan and public presentation.
  • Career Plan: Construct a career plan that helps you to articulate your leadership skills and experiences on a resume, cover letter, and in an interview. During this step, you will also begin to build your own professional network. 
  • Public Presentation: Share what you have learned and accomplished with the campus community through a formal presentation. 


What is a leadership coach?

You will be paired with a current Gettysburg College professor, administrator, or staff member who will serve as a committed and trained coach to guide you through the process. Your coach is not a leadership 'expert' but rather a facilitator of the process who serves as a resource for you throughout the year. You are responsible for initiating contact with your coach and must meet at least three times a semester to discuss the various elements of the leadership certificate (i.e. Self-Assessment, Practical Experience, Foundation Sessions).


Why earn a Leadership Certificate?

We live in a world of change and trial—a world that has become tightly interconnected and turbo-charged by technology. So how will we tackle the challenges of our time? The answers do not lie in divisiveness or long-winded rhetoric. Instead, we need truly great leaders. At Gettysburg College, we believe leaders are not born but made. Our Leadership Certificate will help you transform into a leader of action and integrity—qualities that will position you for success both as a student and throughout your personal and professional life.

REGISTER HERE by Monday, September 19, 2016.

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