Garthwait Leadership Center
Garthwait Leadership Center

Leadership Development Program


Leadership is a central theme of Gettysburg College Mission Statement:

"Gettysburg College, a national, residential, undergraduate college committed to a liberal education, prepares students to be active leaders and participants in a changing world."

In regards to leadership, we believe the following about leadership:

  • Leadership potential lies within everyone
  • Leadership is ethical and values-based
  • Leadership is collaborative and group-oriented
  • Leadership is developmental and lifelong
  • Leadership is about serving with others
  • Leadership is about taking action and making a difference

The student leadership learning outcomes at Gettysburg are:

Integrity: Owning and upholding a commitment to personal, group, and institutional values in thought and act. Congruence: doing what you say you’re going to do.

Self-Awareness: An ability to authentically and realistically assess who you are.

  • Articulate values & beliefs
  • Identify strengths & opportunities for growth and development
  • Recognize the intersections of personal identity
  • Practice self-reflection

Collaboration: An ability to work with others towards a common purpose.

  • Facilitate a common purpose
  • Appreciate & engage difference
  • Model giving feedback
  • Share power and authority

Impact: An ability to have an effect on others independent of formal power.

  • Demonstrate effective communication
  • Set the example for others
  • Motivate others
  • Mentor and coach others

Transformational Action: An ability to see the big picture, develop a strategy, and facilitate change.

  • Create a vision, goals, and a plan
  • Develop skills and competencies to execute the plan
  • Foster growth by realizing the potential of others
  • Execute change with agility

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