Garthwait Leadership Center
Garthwait Leadership Center

Leadership Competencies

Preparation for leadership in today's world requires the development of a broad range of knowledge, skills, attitudes, etc. To help Gettysburg students and alumni advance their leadership ability, the GLC has created a leadership model that outlines core foundations and competencies of leadership. This framework provides a consistent and intentional approach to leadership development for all GLC initiatives.

Rooted in the foundational values of Ethics/Integrity and Civic Responsibility, the GLC Leadership Model is comprised of following leadership competencies:

  • Self Awareness: An ability to authentically and realistically assess who you are.
  • Engaging Difference: An ability to empathetically engage with others different from yourself to create new opportunities
  • Collaboration: An ability to work with others towards a common purpose
  • Influence: An ability to have an effect on others independent of formal power
  • Vision and Strategy: An ability to see the big picture and develop a strategy to accomplish a shared vision

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